Sales Team Building
Morning Programme
The team are set a series of tasks designed to prepare them for the main event later in the day.

Communication is the key to teamwork and to developing good relationships with customers and prospects, so before we begin the tasks the team spend a short period determining their own communication style and those of their colleagues through some simple exercises.

The tasks are 'inclusive' meaning no special physical skills are required and they can be performed indoors or outdoors.  The challenges posed develop communication and problem solving skills.  The morning tasks are:

Toxic Liquid - The team must remove a container without spillage from within the safe area and transfer it into a container on the outside of the NO-GO area.

Rollerball - The team must construct a system to transport an information capsule from one sector to its recipient.

Levitation - The team must get themselves collectively off the ground for a period of one consecutive minute.

After a debrief it's time for lunch and the main event of the day  - The Briefcase ... read more



The Sales Team Challenge is a one day event for teams of 4 or more.

Fees are 1995* for up to 12 people, for additional members fees are 100 per person.

       Morning - Warm up Tasks
       Afternoon - Main Event

*fees exclude the venue costs e.g. training room, accommodation, meals etc and agreed travelling expenses.  We will happily assist in locating a suitable venue that fits your budget.

Please call 01604 883541 if you'd like to discuss your requirements in more detail.



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