Sales Team Building


At the end of the day we conduct a thorough debrief
The challenges are:

  • Do you listen?

  • Can you prioritise your time and focus on the end result without being distracted?

  • How do you stay motivated in the midst of change or conflicting demands?

  • How do you keep yourself motivated when things are not going according to plan?

Other Objectives:

  • Allow team members to understand individual working preferences and how to tap into the strengths of colleagues.

  • Mould a more engaged and integrated team that works not just with, but for each other.

  • Develop clearer and more effective inter-team communication.

  • Clarify team priorities and agree what living those priorities would look like.

  • Develop strategies for joint working and agree future ways of working together to ensure that team potential is fully released.





The Sales Team Challenge is a one day event for teams of 4 or more.

Fees are 1995* for up to 12 people, for additional members fees are 100 per person.

       Morning - Warm up Tasks
       Afternoon - Main Event

*fees exclude the venue costs e.g. training room, accommodation, meals etc and agreed travelling expenses.  We will happily assist in locating a suitable venue that fits your budget.

Please call 01604 883541 if you'd like to discuss your requirements in more detail.



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