Sales Team Building

Afternoon Session - The Briefcase

Your team will be asked to solve a mystery which will involve quickly analysing and filtering information, travelling to locations to retrieve objects, deciphering secret codes and making life and death decisions (health and safety permitting!).

The team will be under time pressure to solve the mystery of the briefcase and save the day!

The task is delivered in the form of a letter to the team. It gives them very limited information on what the task is, or indeed even the objectives. This is deliberate and intended to see how the team reacts to a situation (a crisis) where they are thrown in at the deep end.

The briefcase contains many different and confusing clues (many red herrings). Gradually, as the team begin to sift the information they can begin to piece together the nature of the challenge and its objectives. The exercise is a ‘detective’ story where the clues unfold as the team progresses through the day.

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The Sales Team Challenge is a one day event for teams of 4 or more.

Fees are £1995* for up to 12 people, for additional members fees are £100 per person.

       Morning - Warm up Tasks
       Afternoon - Main Event

*fees exclude the venue costs e.g. training room, accommodation, meals etc and agreed travelling expenses.  We will happily assist in locating a suitable venue that fits your budget.

Please call 01604 883541 if you'd like to discuss your requirements in more detail.



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