Sales Coaching

Training may not be the answer to improving an individual's effectiveness.

Often sales people and managers need someone to help them develop their skills in the field, to put theory into practice in a live environment and to give them objective feedback.

Sometimes it can be advantageous if the coach is not the 'boss', individuals may respond in a more open manner to someone outside the organisation allowing the coach to understand the real issues involved.

Good coaching starts with gaining the trust and respect of the individual.  Coaching brings new ideas and perspectives to the individual, it allows you to work with someone on very specific aspects of their performance.

Jon Howarth from the Wigwam Company has many years experience as a sales person, Sales Manager and as a Sales Coach to many individuals and teams in a variety of industries from IT through to Engineering and Agriculture.

His style is straightforward with no magic answers but advocating best practice by doing the right things at the right time.



Please call 01604 883541 if you'd like to discuss your coaching requirements.













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