Successful Selling - the Essentials

Two-day course

It's very likely that the members of your sales team have different levels of training and experience. Successful Selling makes a great starting point in developing a common understanding that you can build upon.

You know that making profitable sales is a combination of knowledge, skill and hard work, there's no such thing as the 'natural born sales person'. Professionals have learnt how to use the tools of the trade and apply them successfully. This course will give your team a thorough grounding in practical selling skills.

The two-day programme covers:

  • The Sales Person Role.
  • Understanding Buyer Behaviour.
  • Setting personal objectives.
  • Effective Prospecting.
  • Opening the sale - building rapport.
  • Qualifying opportunities in or out.
  • Probing and identifying real needs.
  • Features, advantages and benefits.
  • Objections - why do they arise and how to handle them.
  • Recognising buying signals.
  • Closing the sale.
  • Fundamentals of time and territory management.


For an informal discussion please call 01604 883541



995* for one-day courses
1995* for two-day courses

(fees are per course not per person)

*training room to be provided by purchasing company ,excludes agreed travelling/accommodation expenses



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