Sales Awareness for Non-Sales People

One-day coursesales awareness for non sales people

In today's competitive markets everyone in the organisation dealing with customers needs to be aware of the contribution they can make to the top line.

Customers are often more willing to speak freely to a non sales person, for example, an engineer, a customer service representative, a technician or even someone in accounts than to a sales person.

How this information is used can be vital to an organisation's success.  This one day programme is not designed to turn everyone into a sales person but to make non sales staff aware of the sales process and how they can contribute to it.

The one-day sales for non sales people programme covers:

  • Overview of the sales cycle.
  • Understanding Buyer Behaviour.
  • Communicating well.
    • Speech
    • Body language
    • Courtesy
    • Empathising with the customer
  • Questioning technique for non sales people.
    • Getting the basic information
    • Problem seeking
    • Confirming
  • Active listening for non sales people
  • Talking benefits.
    • Features, Advantages and Benefits
    • Customers buy benefits
  • Answering Questions.
    • How to stop a question becoming an objection
  • Recognising buying signals.
  • What to do next.
    • Passing information on
    • Deciding how far to go
    • Confirming the next step
Sales Awareness for non sales people will give your team an appreciation of they can make a difference to retaining, growing and attracting new customers and help them understand that no-one in the organisation is really a non sales person.


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995* for one-day courses
1995* for two-day courses

(fees are per course not per person)

*training room to be provided by purchasing company ,excludes agreed travelling/accommodation expenses



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