Sales Presentations and Demonstrations

One-day course

Your team have opened the sale well and convinced the gatekeeper you should be in contention, they have now been asked to present to the decision making unit to bring everyone onside.

A poor demonstration or sloppy presentation can put you behind your competitors. You want your team to communicate the benefits of your product or service effectively.

This lively, interactive two day course gives your team the knowledge and skills to present confidently and persuasively, the programme includes:

  • Preparation checklist
    • Setting objectives
    • First impressions
    • Know your audience
    • Belt and braces
  • Communication tools
    • Building rapport
    • Getting them hooked
    • Keeping them interested
  • Presentation styles
    • Using your voice
    • Body language
    • Energy and humour
  • Structuring your presentation
    • Selling benefits
    • Beginning, middle and end
    • Maintaining your impact
  • Using Visual Aids
    • Preparing effective visuals
    • Appropriate and effective use
  • Working with colleagues
    • Presenting together
    • Know your role
  • Managing the audience
    • Answering questions
    • Objection handling


For an informal discussion please call 01604 883541



995* for one-day courses
1995* for two-day courses

(fees are per course not per person)

*training room to be provided by purchasing company ,excludes agreed travelling/accommodation expenses



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