Proposal Writing

Do you sometimes feel that you spend much of your time sanity checking and re-writing proposals rather than managing the sales team? You'd like to be confident that your team can consistently produce professional, well structured proposals that really sell the benefits of your offering.

Perhaps they've all learnt about writing proposals in different organisations but you'd like to bring it all together to have a common approach. Your team need a boost.

Our programme is an interactive session covering the main elements of writing professional proposals:

  • Can we win and do we want this business? - How did we get to this point in the buying cycle? Are we in with a chance or just making up the numbers?
  • Preparation - What information do we need? Who is the proposal for?
  • Selling Benefits - How do we position our offering most effectively?
  • Structuring - What's the best way to organise the structure of the proposal?
  • Style and Presentation - Clarity and professionalism.
  • Covering letters - How to write an effective covering letter.
  • Creating a template for future use.
  • Follow up - techniques to cement the relationship.

Your team should leave this session confident in writing proposals and that they can generate first class proposals that win business.

If you would like to discuss running a Proposal Writing Booster please call Jon Howarth on 01604 883541.



For an informal discussion please call 01604 883541


Sales Boosters:
£695* for half-day
995* for full-day

(fees are per course not per person)

*training room to be provided by purchasing company ,excludes agreed travelling/accommodation expenses


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