Objection Handling and Closing Skills

Your team have done 90% of the job in finding the decision maker, analysing their requirements and selling the benefits, but sometimes they just can't seem to close the business. You know that there are no prizes for coming second, so you want to give them a boost.

The Sales Closing Skills Booster is an interactive session designed to cover the essential elements of closing including:

  • Attitude - In order to close effectively you must not be afraid of the word 'no'. It's all about motivation and attitude.
  • Preparation - closing should not be a big step, it should be part of the natural flow of the sales process.
  • Timing - when to close is crucial. Are you in control of the sale? Do you know where you are in the buying cycle?
  • Buying signals - how to spot buying signals and how to react to them.
  • Objections - dealing with objections in a professional way that doesn't alienate the customer
  • Sales closing techniques - different styles of closing.
  • Sealing the deal - making sure you have got the deal you thought you had.

Your team should leave this session confident that they know how and when to close.



For an informal discussion please call 01604 883541


Sales Boosters:
£695* for half-day
995* for full-day

(fees are per course not per person)

*training room to be provided by purchasing company ,excludes agreed travelling/accommodation expenses


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